Group Therapy

Group Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Groups offer a very effective way of using psychotherapy as a tool for self-development. Because of the likeness to the real world of relationships and groups, it can often bring up the issues quite briskly. It is also a very effective complement to individual therapy.
You and the Psychotherapy
Group form a microcosm for healing.

Relationships, family issues, growing up, risk-taking and social skills are well dealt with in the group. The experience can be intense and very rewarding and you may meet like-minded people. One of the healing factors is the way in which people in the group can come to support and encourage each other, which fosters hope, independence, vulnerability, courage, honesty and strength.
Pushan Bhatia has been running 
Psychotherapy Groups in London for 18 years.
Through the complexity that can be explored, there is also likely to be an increase in insight, wisdom, and understanding of social issues which helps people to engage with life in a more satisfying way. Dreams and other spiritual experiences can also be explored with much benefit. It is also excellent for anyone training in therapy and anyone in the healing professions, mental health and leadership.

You do not need prior experience or therapy, just to be interested in people and relationships and in being healed and in helping others to heal. A commitment to engage consistently with the group over a reasonable length of time will help you get the most from it.

Psychotherapy Groups in London - where and when?

The therapy group will usually meet once a week for one-and-a-half hours. This is for a maximum of six people. There are both men and women in the group. The London psychotherapy group meets on a Thursday evening at 8pm in Maida Vale, West London.  Please enquire for further details as I may start more groups.

Please note: there are currently no groups running.