Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

The one-to-one is the basis of therapy. It offers possibilities for healing, learning and growth which are quite unique. Here is the scope for very in-depth and thorough work on the origins of issues and for analysis, reflection and emotional expression that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. There is also an aspect of safety, support and stillness which underpins the growth.
Not everyone needs or wants the intensity or extent of work just described and this is also catered for, in so far as the therapy works with what is presented. Therefore, if your want is simply to work through a specific issue or to recover from a crisis, then that is very feasible. Some of this kind of work may be described as counselling.

If you are new to this endeavour, it may understandably be somewhat perplexing and not easy to get a sense of how this actually works. In fact, it is difficult to truly convey since it is both very experiential and also very different for everyone and also varies depending on the approach and on the qualities of the therapist.

The role of the Therapist

I, as the therapist, am there to provide a space which should be as clear and engaging as possible, so that you may be healed through this and come to reflect upon yourself and your life in the deepest possible way. It is by no means simply talking, the therapist should ideally be able to relate to any experience, thought or feeling that you may have.

This would then help you to have a better experience, to understand what has happened, why it has happened and how to go about altering destructive patterns. You could say that therapy is a mixture of emotional release in a sensitive environment and an exercise in thinking, not the usual kind, but thinking about feelings, behaviours and internal realities, dreams and one's own body.

Even so, it is still a mystery, sometimes of almost magical quality, that unfolds when we really engage in therapy. People may see no change for some time and feel frustrated by this and then suddenly, one day, you notice that your depression or anger or pain is less or even much less. It can be hard work, intense, uncomfortable at times, but equally it becomes rewarding, beneficial and joyful.