My Approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy

Both counselling and psychotherapy aim to provide a space where you can explore aspects of your life that you want to improve and both aim to help you increase your understanding of the issues so that you can more easily make the changes that you want.
Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling 
to meet your specific needs.
The space is there for your benefit, the focus is on what you wish to explore and on what arises for you. I as the therapist is there to listen, to be very interested in all that you are about and to offer ways of thinking that may help you see other perspectives.

Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy

Since life is quite vast, I feel that an integrative approach to counsellingpsychotherapy and supervision is essential. This means that I may draw on a variety of perspectives and ideas, in order to meet all the different issues that may arise. This may include psychoanalytic, existential, humanistic/person-centred and cognitive approaches, as well a transpersonal perspective - holding a sense of a spiritual aspect to life.
Dream work
helps to explore the Unconscious.

If you are new to this endeavour, it can be difficult to get a sense of the actual process and it really has to be experienced to be appreciated, because there is something natural and positive about it - like you are carried along by an additional energy that makes things unfold and slot into place.

It is an opportunity for you to bring what you can not easily bring elsewhere - thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, dreams, experiences, memories - to a place where there is the stillness and clarity that allows your story to unfold and you to reach your own conclusions in your own time.

"Psychotherapy must remain an obstinate attempt of two people to recover the wholeness of being human through the relationship between them"

R.D. Laing

Having an initial session is a good way to find out more and to find out if we can work well together for your benefit.