Herbs have probably been used as long as there have been humans on this Earth. Their health benefits and healing powers are attested to both historically, and more recently scientifically.
I have explored and used herbs all my life, and eventually trained in Chinese Herbalism, though I am familiar with , and use herbs from a variety of traditions.
I mainly use herbs for general health benefits, and for their psychological properties. That is, using herbs to subtly and positively influence human emotion and mind. The way this works is not easy to explain but my own experience, and that of people who have come to me, does strongly appear to confirm that it is possible to use herbs to heal and transform human psychology and difficulties.
This normally works best in conjunction with psychotherapy or other forms of therapeutic work or personal development, though can be done as a standalone therapy.
I have found therapeutic benefits especially for issues such as anxiety, depression, nervousness, tension, insomnia, burnout, stress, lack of assertiveness, anger issues, dissociation and manic or hyper-aroused states.
The herbs normally come in easy to take powder or granule form, or as capsules or tinctures. They only work if you take them regularly. I will do a thorough initial consultation.
If I feel your physical / medical issues are complex, I will most likely want to liaise with your GP, and/or refer you to a practitioner who can provide a deeper medical diagnosis, and I can then work on the emotional and / or mental aspects more freely.
I am happy to discuss your concerns or issues to see if this therapy could be beneficial to you.