Short Term Counselling and Short Term Psychotherapy

Short Term Counselling

Short Term Counselling is an option if you only want or require a limited number of sessions, for a specific issue or decide on infrequent or ad hoc sessions for the same reason. Some people start with Short Term Counselling as a 'taster', before deciding whether they want to go on to medium term counselling or psychotherapy. There is sometimes an overlap between Short Term Counselling and coaching.

While there are obviously advantages to regular or more frequent sessions or longer term work, benefit may still be had from this kind of work, not to mention the flexibility it offers in today's environment. Many CBT practices and NHS clinics start by offering short term counselling and research shows that quite some improvements can be made.

However, it is also true that longer term counselling helps to fully integrate the insights you have gained in short term counselling into your life.

Thus, I offer follow up sessions to suit your individual needs. 

Sessions are available at any frequency and number as long as there is space. The fee and cancellation period is the same.

Short Term Counselling is available in West London (Maida Vale), Harrow and via the telephone.