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Avision: a potted history of the significance of Dreaming, and its place in the therapeutic relationship

Pushan Bhatia UKCP (Acred) Qualified Qi Gong Teacher &
Helen Biscoe-Taylor UKCP (Acred) MA/Dip Psych

Saturday 16th May 2015 10:00 – 16:00

Workshop cost: £95/ Concessionary rate: £86 for Wimbledon Guild counsellors/ Early-bird booking £76
available until 12 December 2014

The Workshop:

Avision, advice received through a dream or vision, provided the knowledge and understanding on which
ancient cultures based their societies. We will explore the role of the dream in these ancient cultures, and
the restoration of the Dream into our culture by Freud and Jung.

Evidence shows the human embryo has the capacity to psychically understand their mother from as early
as five weeks, strongly suggesting that we have a mind before a brain. We will explore how this is possible
using the latest research from the fields of para psychology, pre- and perinatal psychology, quantum
physics and embryology. Findings from sleep research demonstrate that babies dream in utero and the
experience profoundly shapes their brain. Researchers in the field of epigenetics have found evidence that
actual memories are passed from grandparents to grandchildren. We will discuss how all these findings
relate to and inform our increasing understanding of the dreaming process.

The workshop will then introduce and explore pertinent quantum physics, astronomical and consciousness
research that expand the container of the therapeutic relationship into an environmental context which can
help build our understanding of our minds and the experience of living in a resonant universe. Particularly,
we will discuss evidence that points towards the possibility that the human mind and human behaviour is
influenced by natural and cosmic energies and the dreaming process is connected with these energies.
Further, we will explore the dreaming process of adult humans, how the resonance of the dream is
universal but each dream personal. Different types of dreams will be discussed, including significant
dreams, instructional dreams, past life dreams and recurring dreams.

On the basis of the these themes, we will look at working with dreams in the therapeutic setting, including
the opportunity for delegates to present a dream, as well as further discussion of the presented material.

At the end of the workshop, you may expect to have a fuller picture of the extent and significance of
Dreaming and be able to draw on this in a personal and professional context.

Friday 20 March 2015 - 7pm - 9pm

Pushan Bhatia: An Exploration of the Significance of Dreaming.

How much significance does the dreaming process really hold? Freud thought dreams were the royal road to the unconscious, Jung went further and expounded that dreams connect us to what he termed the collective unconscious and that they could predict the future. But is it possible that this universal phenomenon has even deeper and more profound possibilities than even these pioneers proposed? There is now increasing archaeological evidence that the ancient civilisations that came before us were more advanced than we have been taught to believe, and that they were profoundly influenced by dreams, which were seen as conveying deep wisdom, rather than solely as the product of a dreamers' personal unconscious. There also is substantial research in astronomy, theoretical physics, embryology, epigenetics and allied fields that supports the view that the human mind is far more influenced by natural and cosmic forces than is generally thought. This includes radio-waves, electromagnetic radiation, and solar energies.

I will propose and explore how the Dream may be nothing less than the key to life itself, and its true meaning neglected, to the immense detriment of humankind. At a time when the human race is in great crisis, the Dream may hold the key to evolving beyond its current imbalanced state. I will present evidence for this view, and for the view that the Dream originates in the cosmos we are an integral part of and which forms our ultimate context, rather than originating in, and expressing purely our individual dilemmas. There will be examples of dreams that accord with this perspective. You can expect to come away from this seminar stirred up to think about some of the ultimate realities and challenges of the human condition, with information to reflect on, and with a perspective that will enable you to look anew at your dreams and the dreams of your clients.

“All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” Jack Kerouac

Pushan Bhatia is a psychotherapist and supervisor with 20 years’ experience, working in a variety of fields and settings. He has been recording and working with his dreams, and those of others, for the same 20 years. Pushan's main interest is in a cosmic approach to dreaming, and in healing and self-development in all its aspects. He is also a Qi Gong instructor and workshop facilitator. He has guest-edited The Psychotherapist magazine, written articles and book reviews, and is a Minster Centre tutor.

COST: £15 (non-members) £12 (members and students).

Please contact to reserve a place.

Venue: The Minster Centre, 20 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, NW6 6RD.

Free and Easy Wanderer: Self-care for therapists
Pushan Bhatia UKCP (Accred) psychotherapist and Qi Gong instructor

Saturday 11th April 2015 10:00 – 16:00
Workshop cost: £95 /Concessionary rate: £86 for Wimbledon Guild counsellors/ Early-bird booking: £76 available until
12 December 2014

The Workshop:

In this workshop we will explore how important our body is for our emotional well-being, and a range of
ways to understand and work with this, both for ourselves and our clients. The day will be part theory and
part experiential.

Topics will include: a presentation of the body as an intelligent and integrating organism, functioning on
deep, complex and subtle levels that have a profound significance for our experience and abilities.
Evidence for physical and environmental factors creating body imbalances that manifest psychologically.
How do we know when emotions are caused by the body? How healing the body can transfer somatised
emotions into the psychological sphere and help create therapeutic change. Bridging gaps between
medicine, psychotherapy, 'alternative' healing and the actual, current situations we are working in and the
issues that we face in an increasingly complex environment. How dreams can assist physical healing and

The workshop will look at how to work with these issues in practice, as well as knowing when to refer.
There will be presentations on nutritional issues, detoxification for mental health, and the concept of
tonification, which is absent from most of our current working models. We will experientially explore
mindfulness, as well as the ancient healing art of Qi Gong. This will include concepts, insights and
practices from Oriental traditions, which offer vast resources that we can incorporate into our work for the
benefit of ourselves and our clients. These include working with natural rhythms, including Circadian
cycles, concepts of Yin and Yang, the Five Element model, the psychology of our internal organs, using
energy work for healing, and finding the nourishment that we really need. Working with the breath. The
meaning of true relaxation. Modelling health and self-care for our clients.
At the end of the workshop you should expect to have an increased understanding of issues of physical
healing and health and find yourself equipped with tools to heal and care for the body.
Please wear comfortable clothes as there will be physical exercises. Participation in these exercises is optional.
‘The free and easy wanderer’
New date: Saturday 16th February 2013 (2pm to 6pm)
This evening seminar/workshop will provide a range of tools for healing and self-care that can be readily incorporated into your busy lifestyle. The aim of the seminar is that you will be able to: improve your energy levels and general health, build your immune-system, feel calmer, stronger and lighter, and be more able to deal with challenges. Topics covered:
*Detoxification – now seen as an essential part of a healthy life-style, and a key part of strengthening your immune-system, and doesn’t necessitate giving up your favourite foods.

*Tonification –almost unknown in the West until recently, now fast becoming a major factor in building real inner strength. Super-foods, herbs and diet will be discussed.

*Dreams as a means to understand how the body works and heals, and as guidance for incorporating the healing powers of nature. 

*Basic Taoist concepts: Cosmic rhythms, Wu Wei, Yin / Yang, Qi, Body Clock, 3 Treasures
*Qi Gong and Dao Yin to increase energy flow. These simple and enjoyable exercises originate in Taoist practises that enabled people to enjoy a level of health we today can hardly imagine. Most take minutes to do and some can be done while working.
You will learn soft, flowing movements and energising breathing techniques. These are excellent complements to Yoga and other practises. They also improve posture and balance.

The presenter is Pushan Bhatia who is a psychotherapist and Qi Gong teacher, with a long-standing interest in health, healing and dreams. 

Venue: Minster Centre, 20 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, NW6. Date and time is Saturday 16th February 2013 from 2pm to 6pm. Cost is £15. Places limited to 15. Hand-outs / CPD certs available. To book: or call/text 07973864877.

Remember: Your body is the temple of your soul…

Articles & Events


In this seminar will be presented a radical and profoundly shamanic approach to the universal phenomenon of dreaming – as practised in the ancient mystery traditions of humankind.

Unravelling the information encoded in our dreams holds the ultimate key to healing and transcendence.

Pushan has worked with dreams of his own and others for 20 years.

T: 020 3583 8124 / 07973 864877 E:

Holistic Psychotherapy:

Articles and Lectures  

 Thinking and working within a holistic, integrative framework, I have had the good fortune to publish and lecture on complementary health, martial arts, group therapy and psychotherapy over the years. 
For the most recent publication, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

My article on "Psychotherapy and Martial Arts" has been published in issue 53 of Tai Chi and Alternative Health magazine.

Another of my articles, on "Psychotherapy and Chinese Medicine" has been published in Self and Society, the magazine of the Association of Humanistic Psychology in Great Britain (2008). I have also reviewed for Self and Society the book 'Wild boys and Savage Girls' - a history of feral children.

In April 2008, I published an article on 'group therapy' in TherapyToday, the official magazine for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Further, I had the honour of being the guest editor of the Winter Edition (2009) of The Psychotherapist, the official publication of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), on the subject of an holistic approach to psychotherapy.

In April 2009 Metanoia Psychotherapy training institute in Ealing, London, invited me to lecture on an integrative approach to working with body symptoms. See for details.

Holistic Psychotherapy

My latest article to be published is "Detox and Psychotherapy" in Wellbeing Magazine, May/June 2011.

Detox and Psychotherapy - Perfect Partners

This may seem at first like an odd combination. However, physical and emotional health goes hand in hand and the great thing is that when you work on one, you automatically work on the other.

Psychotherapy means ‘attending to the soul'. If your soul is in less than optimum state, you will not be happy and your life quality and success will be impaired. Psychotherapy aims to offer a space where the soul or psyche can be gently and sensitively witnessed and any outstanding issues explored, clarified and resolved. This can be challenging at times but also incredibly rewarding. Such a process cannot be rushed - we need to be gentle with ourselves.

However, at the same time we want results and preferably sooner rather than later. We also live in a time and an environment where physical detoxification is becoming a must, not just as a one-off, but regularly. The emphasis is usually, and quite rightly, on the physical/energy aspects. But there is much more. If you truly want to make progress and take your life onto a different plane, then detoxing can help to turbo-charge your emotional and mental state as well - especially when combined with psychotherapy - which is now no longer seen as a stigma for the unfortunate but as a prime tool for self-development and enhanced life-quality.

As the saying goes; the body is the temple of the soul. But what does this actually mean? I believe it means that it is imperative that the right food is eaten (on all levels) so that the soul can flourish. People can make progress in therapy only to come to a certain level where they get stuck (in one area) until they started to work on their body. Also, I have seen people who have worked on their body, be it detoxing or yoga or whatever, who are no doubt in good shape but they nevertheless are both unhappy and confused. They have not yet addressed certain emotional and thinking issues. These things can also be sorted and sometimes more simply than people realise.

Detoxification and psychotherapy both work on the basis of getting rid of the bad stuff you don't want and putting in the good stuff that you do want. Of course there is more to it than that but on one level it is that simple.
The two also work together in the sense that detoxing help to rustle the issues out of the body where they may be stuck, so that they can be explored in the therapy and the therapy helps you process and make sense of what has arisen out of the detox. A perfect partnership then. Like anything else, finding the right person is essential - it should feel right for you and if you are doing both then each professional should be open to and familiar with, the other approach so that they can relate to what you are trying to achieve to help you succeed.

Author: Pushan Bhatia
We hope to make all the articles on holistic topics and psychotherapy available on this page in the near future. Please revisit!