Supervision Sessions


Supervision for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Integrative, Transpersonal Supervision is offered in Harrow and London.

Apart from being a professional requirement for both trainee and qualified psychotherapists, supervision is a supportive forum and offers a beneficial learning process for trainees, newly qualified and more experienced psychotherapists and counsellors.

I offer supervision from an integrative and transpersonal perspective, informed by both humanistic and psycho-analytic ideas and findings. You can bring private, voluntary or public sector work, adult individual, couple, family, group and organisational issues, as well as theoretical, ethical, practical and professional issues to our supervision. I have worked as a supervisor for almost 10 years and am a supervisor of supervisors.

I also provide integrative supervision for trainee psychotherapists at the Minster Centre and to addiction counsellors at EACH.

I see supervision on a multi-dimensional level. First, it is a place where you can bring all your concerns about your work and be supported and contained. Second, it is a place where all the issues arising can be explored with curiosity and clarity for the benefit of yourself and the people you work with. Third, integrative supervision is a place where you can learn and benefit from an experienced outside observer.

In your supervision, we will work together with the contents presented, the process presented, the process as it works in the therapy, the process as it works in the supervision and as it works in the context of community and world at large. I may suggest reading and strategies as well as transpersonalangles and possible material to work with in your individual or group therapy if you have this.

In supervision, similar boundaries exist as with personal or group psychotherapy. The session time, fee and cancellation period is the same, as is confidentiality on my part as well as the ethical and professional code of conduct.

I am a UKCP accredited supervisor, working in an integrative, transpersonal framework to meet your needs and enhance your practice.