Business Coaching and Life Coaching in London

Coaching is available for business purposes and to individuals, whether in relation to business and work issues or simply in their private lives, for improvement in performance, lifestyle, health and contentment.

The coaching sessions will focus on what you want to achieve, both in the short and the long term. I do not impose a structure, rather I will help you to clarify what you want and respond to what is presented so that you can become more focused. Our coaching work together is Solution-Focused.

Life Coaching

The emphasis in Life Coaching is on self-reflection and using energy and other resources effectively. The aim is that you develop the drive, strength, balance and focus to achieve your heart's desire. I will encourage you to reflect on specific points to help you reach a position to act creatively, following your instincts and finding ways to respond appropriately to challenges.

I may suggest reading, lifestyle changes and other activities if necessary. Your well-being is paramount to continued success and balance is a key factor in this. Sessions will be tailored to your actual situation and can be taken at a frequency to suit.

Corporate Coaching

With a wealth of experience of the business world and working with high achieving business executives for many years, I am also well placed to offer Corporate Coaching in West LondonCentral London and other areas (cf. also Telephone Counselling). Corporate Coaching looks at patterns and impasses within a business, which prevent it from prospering, as well as the patterns and difficulties you might encounter in your own career path.