Couple Counselling

Marriage Counselling and Couple Counselling

 Partner relationships can create both some of the most sublime experiences of love as well as some of the most difficult and painful entanglements one can imagine. It is an area of much frustration and longing for so many people.

While much of the deeper material that prevents us from having a fulfilling relationship can be worked on and healed in individual or group psychotherapy, there is no doubt that couple counselling can be a very powerful tool in addressing immediate and otherwise not so obvious issues between couples.

 The purpose of the couple counselling is to discover and work with the issues that are a product of the relationship. The other main factor is the establishment of proper communication which has almost invariably broken down.

You are then in a much better position to engage on a real and intimate level and to make decisions about yourself and the relationship. Sometimes the relationship does not work out. In this case, the joint therapy can help to ease the ending and ensure that each person learns from this relationship so that they may be less likely to repeat the patterns in any subsequent relationship.

I am an experienced couple counsellor, frequently receiving referrals for couple counselling from other therapists.

The sessions rarely need to be as frequent as individual work. The couple therapy may be taken with or without other forms of therapy. The fee is the same as for individual therapy. Couple Counselling and Marriage Counselling are available in Maida Vale, St. John's Wood (NW8) and Harrow.