Dreaming and Dream-work

Dreams and dreaming formed the basis of most, if not all of the ancient civilisations the Earth has seen. They accessed insight and wisdom and guidance through the Dream, so as to align themselves with nature and live their lives harmoniously and peacefully. Traditions such as these were partially lost through the centuries. As the world and its people gradually awaken and see the crisis, dreaming is being re-established as the universal and most profound means of healing and balancing.

While psychotherapy has occupied itself with dreams on a personal level, with much benefit, the Dream has much more to offer those who engage with it seriously over a period of time. As Carl Jung said “The view that dreams are merely imaginary fulfilments of suppressed wishes has long ago become superseded. It is certainly true that there are dreams which embody suppressed wishes and fears, but what is there which the dream cannot on occasion embody? Dreams may give expression to ineluctable truths, to philosophical pronouncements, illusions, wild fantasies, memories, plans, anticipations, profound experiences, even telepathic visions, and heaven knows what besides."